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Silulo Employment Channel was established in 2019 after we have identified a need to equip our community and students to make job seeking more simplified and stress free.In most cases people struggle to find jobs not because of the level of education or background but because the applicant is not equipped with the necessary skills and tools that will make them employable in the job market.

Employers want people who can accurately interpret what others are saying and organize and express their thoughts clearly for the work environment. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between job seekers and businesses by equipping the right candidates for the jobs that are offered by the businesses.

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What we do

At Silulo Ulutho Technologies we take each and every person seeking for a job very seriously. We take our time looking at your application documents and we make sure that they are then ready to grant you your desired/dream job.Below are the steps we take:

CV Creation

We create a professional CV for you and attach all your necessary documents. We make sure you CV is up to date and is neat for any company to recognize it.


After writing your tests at the branch, we undergo some procedures to see if you are verified or not so that we can go ahead with your application.


After capturing your CV on our system, we take our time to call you into our branch to write our assessment tests which include (identity, psychometric and self evaluation tests).


When you are verified, we then distribute your CV and you get to find your desired job

Looking for a job?

Silulo Employment Channel takes pride in simplifying job-seeking for our young South Africans.

Also graduates are accommodated